Trombone solo

A short ride in our time

Folke Rabe
Giacinto Scelsi
  Tre Pezzi
Iannis Xenakis
- Interval -    
Anders Hillborg
  Hautposaune for Trombone and Tape 
Donika Rudi
  "9" for Trombone and Tape
Christian Lindberg
  Joe Jack Bingelebandit
Jan Sandström
  A short ride on a motorbike


Solo with Orchestra

Trio Belli-Fischer-Rimmer

Trombone and Piano

Trombone and Organ


+++Latest News+++
European premier of Daniel Schnyder's Trombone Concerto with Frederic Belli and the Collegium Musicum under Kevin Griffiths: Check out the new video clip HERE


Latest CD

Frederic Belli - TromboneFrederic Belli

Works by Berio, Rabe, Martin, 
Delerue, Rota